Health and prevention guides by activity

Last updated: 27/06/2023


As the country moves towards a gradual easing of the lockdown and in line with its desire to protect the population, the Government is introducing exceptional measures to combat COVID-19 and support the resumption of economic activity. 

Below, you will find prevention guides for different activities, setting out the mandatory instructions to be followed as well as the basic rules that should be applied by each employer.

The Department of Health Affairs, Department of Employment, Business Development Agency and Police Department will, within their respective areas of competence, be able to conduct checks to ensure compliance with the general measures and those specific to each activity. Disregard for these measures may result in the closure of the businesses concerned.

Health guides 

Prevention guides for public places 

General prevention 

Prevention guides by activity

You can find the list of practical guides for each activity or sector, in French only, by following this link

Please note: Other guides are currently being prepared and will be published online here soon.


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