Procedure to follow when an employee is identified as COVID-19 positive at a company

Last updated: 23/02/2023

This procedure applies where a case is confirmed (positive PCR test) or highly probable (i.e. demonstrates the telltale symptoms of a loss of taste and smell).

Asking the employee identified as COVID-19 positive not to come into work

If the employee is at work, the head of department/head of the company should ask them to return home immediately and comply with enhanced preventive measures in relation to their family. They may continue to work remotely, or request a sick note from their doctor.

Alerting the Office of Occupational Medicine

The head of department/company should quickly alert the Office of Occupational Medicine on (weekdays) and/or by email info-covid19@omt.mcproviding contact details for the person who has been identified as COVID-19 positive (surname, first name, date of birth, mobile phone number, email address, CCSS or SPME social insurance number).

Drawing up a list of contacts

The Covid unit sends the head of department/company the protocol required to draw up a list of contacts of the COVID-19 case on their premises. In accordance with this protocol, the head of department/company quickly emails this list to

Organising tests

The Covid unit prescribes PCR or antigen tests

for those identified as contacts of the COVID-19 case and sends them their prescription via email along with appropriate health guidelines. The tests are carried out two to three days following the last contact with the employee who has tested positive.

Employers cannot ask to be informed of the test result, which is covered by medical confidentiality, in order to agree to the employee’s return to work, and is also not authorised to have tests carried out where the aim is to determine if employees are COVID-19 positive (Data Protection Authority of Monaco (CCIN) recommendation, May 2020). The employee may return to work following their period of sick leave without the need for a new PCR test.


Enhanced preventive measures 

  • Wearing a mask at all times
  • Strict hand hygiene
  • Not sharing work tools (such as computers, telephones, tools, personal protective equipment, etc.)
  • No breaks or meals to be taken together

Administrative contact