MonEntreprise.mc is the essential website of the Prince’s Government for businesses and professionals. This platform is a gateway between the Government and all users currently doing business in the Principality of Monaco, or looking to do so in the future. It contains comprehensive details about administrative formalities, along with access to more general information and tools to help you do business more easily. The new website is a more modern, updated version of service-public-entreprises.gouv.mc, which was previously the source of information for businesses and professionals for ten years.  

MonEntreprise.mc aims to provide businesses and professionals in the Principality with the support they need, with guides specially designed to lead future entrepreneurs and established business people through the various stages involved in the creation and development of their business.   

In addition to these guides, the website contains information sheets and formalities organised into eight broad categories. This gateway provides a global overview of every aspect from setting up a business to day-to-day management, along with access to specific and detailed information.  

In addition to being a reference source for general and administrative information for professionals, MonEntreprise.mc also guides entrepreneurs and helps them acclimatise to doing business in Monaco. A valuable network of Monegasque professionals, the site contains an agenda with all the events organised for businesses, news on the economy (articles, newsletter, etc.), and directories with lists of useful contacts (professional and administrative). Finally, the MonEntreprise.mc toolbox provides entrepreneurs with direct access to various essential formalities to be completed during the course of the year, along with simulators and factsheets explaining best practices. 

Created by the Digital Services Department and run by the Business Development Agency, the website is the result of collaboration between all Government Departments, the Municipality, and key organisations in the Principality, to centralise and constantly update regulatory and useful information. 

Designed as a one-stop-shop for Monegasque businesses, MonEntreprise.mc supports the entrepreneurs and professionals who are the lifeblood of the Principality’s economy. 


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