Employment Tribunal


The Employment Tribunal deals with disputes arising through the performance of contracts of employment or their termination.

It has jurisdiction over:

  • Work carried out in an establishment located in the Principality of Monaco
  • Work outside any establishment, as a result of the place where the undertaking was entered into
  • Group disputes
  • Terminations and disputes relating to apprenticeship contracts

It does not have jurisdiction over:

  • Disputes between the State or the Commune and their officials, agents or employees

It keeps archives of the terms and conditions of employment of Monegasque firms .
It has Administrative and Dispute Commissions dealing with cases involving the pension funds CAR and CARTI:

These Commissions hear, as last resort, disputes against decisions handed down by the Director of the Caisse Autonome des Retraites (CAR) pension fund.

Organisation and operation

It is composed of twenty-four members who are employees and twenty-four members who are employers, chosen by the trade unions and employers' associations. They are appointed by Sovereign Ordinance for a duration of six years, which can be extended by a three-year period each three years.

The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected by majority vote for three years.

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