Department of Maritime Affairs


The Department of Maritime Affairs has the following responsibilities: 

  • Registration of vessels and removal from the register
  • Issue of shipping licences
  • Ship mortgage registration
  • Implementation of rules on the status of the vessel
  • Collection of the relevant duties and taxes
  • Maritime pilots
  • Safety inspections on board vessels
  • Maritime buoys, markers and beacons
  • Nautical information
  • Shipping rules
  • Recording offences against laws and regulations
  • Issue of seafarer licences
  • Embarkation of crews and checks of their professional aptitude
  • Issuing crew lists
  • Implementation of rules on the status of the seafarers
  • Combating all forms of pollution in maritime areas
  • Maintenance of pollution prevention equipment
  • Training
  • Participation in national and international exercises (RAMOGEPOL and REMPEC)
  • Relations with international maritime Organisations (IMO, IOPC, IHO, IMSO) and interregional Organisations (REMPEC, RAMOGE, ACCOBAMS, PELAGOS)
  • The organising of official visits of foreign State vessels
  • Managing the refit area and the technical area of Fontvieille
  • Upkeep of the Larvotto’s maritime property:
    • Installation and removal of cofferdams in the event of heavy swell
    • Installation of fencing
    • Levelling of the beach
    • Management of the jellyfish net
  • Interface between the Government and the port operator (SEPM)
  • Government’s representative within the Monaco Port Authority (SEPM)
  • Monitoring of port activity
  • Authorisation of nautical events and involvement in ensuring safety for some events
  • Coordination of Government services
  • Monitoring of maritime construction and port development works
  • Secretariat of the Council of the Sea
  • Drafting of maritime legislation
  • Nautical information and advice to seafarers
  • Authorisation to occupy the slipway
  • Checking that ships are compliant with maritime safety standards
  • Inspections of newly launched pleasure craft and working vessels
  • Annual inspections of working vessels
  • Of a scientific nature: with the Department of the Environment, the Oceanographic Museum, laboratories, universities, etc.
  • Film shooting
  • Various studies

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