80th Monaco Grand Prix traffic and access disruption

80th Monaco Grand Prix traffic and access disruption

22 MAY 2023

The Formula 1 Grand Prix and its preparations will impact road traffic, parking, bus travel and pedestrian access. These are the details of the effects on road users of the 2023 event, to be held from 25 to 28 May.


  • 25 to 28 May in the morning (between 6 am and 11.30 am depending on the day) to the end of the event, vehicles will not be permitted to travel on:
    • Quai des États-Unis
    • Route de la Piscine
    • Jules Soccal jetty
    • South dock, Boulevard Albert I
    • Place du Casino
    • Avenue des Citronniers (as far as the entrance to the Métropole car park)
    • Avenue Princesse Grace (from Avenue des Spélugues to Boulevard Louis II)
    • Avenue J.-F. Kennedy
    • Boulevard Louis II
    • Avenue de la Madone (between its intersection with Avenue des Spélugues and Avenue de Grande-Bretagne)
    • Avenue de Monte-Carlo
    • Avenue d’Ostende
    • Avenue des Spélugues
    • Quai Albert Ier
    • Avenue de la Quarantaine
    • Avenue de la Costa (between number 3 and Avenue d’Ostende)*
    • Rue Grimaldi (between Place Sainte-Dévote and Rue Princesse Florestine)
    • Boulevard du Larvotto (between the Auréglia and Grande-Bretagne roundabouts, as well as between Rue du Portier and the Auréglia roundabout)
    • Rocher Albert I and Rocher Noghès tunnels
  • From 6 am on 19 May to 6 pm on 30 May, tehicles will not be permitted to travel on
    •  In Rocher Antoine I tunnel
  • From 8 am on 25 May to 11.59 pm on 28 May, vehicles will not be permitted to travel on
    • Between Avenue des Papalins - between numbers 13 to 39 - and Avenue Albert II

* Pedestrians will also not be permitted on these routes on the same days and times, as well as on Boulevard du Larvotto (between Rue du Portier and Rue Louis Auréglia), Avenue de la Porte Neuve, Rue des Remparts, Terrasse du Ministère d'État and on the Sainte-Dévote and De la Costa steps (except people with an entrance ticket or pass). Pedestrians will also not be allowed inside areas where structures are being dismantled up to 18 June.