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Videoconference: "Electric vehicles versus internal combustion engines: preconceived ideas and environmental impacts"

26 JUNE 2023

Because an increasing number of people are asking us this question, and your concerns are quite legitimate, the Mission for Energy Transition have organised a video conference for 5 July dedicated to the "leadership battle": electric vehicles versus internal combustion engines.

Are electric vehicles more eco-friendly than internal combustion vehicles, despite the impact of battery manufacturing?

Is this the case for all models, worldwide?

These questions often resurface in the media, and in professional and personal discussions, so it's hard to distinguish the facts from fiction.

To help clear things up for you the Mission for Energy Transition have organised an online conference for Wednesday 5 July, from 2 to 3 pm, where Rodrigo Baranna Fernandes, Project Manager at French consultancy Carbone 4, will present a study comparing the environmental impact of electric and internal combustion-powered cars.

The Mission for Energy Transition will cover the right questions to ask before buying, and the tools available to find out more...

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Véhicules électriques versus thermiques