Monaco’s copper telecoms network to be switched off

Monaco’s copper telecoms network to be switched off

14 APRIL 2023

For over four years, the operator Monaco Telecom has been deploying the fibre broadband network across the Principality, which now enjoys 100% coverage.

The copper network, which until now met the Principality’s telecoms needs, was the optimal solution for landline telephony when first deployed, but advances in technology and changes in the way private individuals and business use telecommunications have altered the landscape.

Why shut down the copper network??

Replacing the old copper network with fibre is essential to meet the changing needs of households and businesses in the new digital world.

Copper uses technologies that have become obsolete and the equipment and infrastructures on which it is based are no longer available. As a result, there is a risk that the service provided by the operator could shut down suddenly and completely. Monaco Telecom would no longer be able to replace certain technical parts, which would inevitably malfunction.

In addition, fibre has a number of advantages, with high data transfer speeds, better stability and reliability in bad weather, and less costly maintenance.

Finally, the switch to a fibre-only network is an environmentally responsible choice. It will contribute to vital efforts to manage energy consumption, since copper uses three times more energy than fibre. It is also good news for consumers’ budgets, with fibre packages costing between 13 and 42% less, for an improved service.

Key dates and impacts for users

The switchover to fibre requires on-site interventions by technicians from Monaco Telecom, to connect each home or business to the new network and to connect up the new devices used.

Although the transition is a gradual process, the Prince’s Government and Monaco Telecom encourage households and businesses who are yet to make the switch to fibre to contact the Monaco Telecom customer service department now, to make an appointment with the operators. Various services using the copper network are set to be switched off on the following dates::

  • December 2023 for consumer internet services
  • July 2024 for business internet services*
  • December 2024 for landline telephone services
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