Monaco Telecom

Last updated: 23/02/2023

A comprehensive range of solutions

Broadband network with high availability, complete web-hosting solutions, standardised protocols, mobility and security: you have access to a full range of Telecommunication Services which are provided by a leading convergent operator.

A secure, high-performance international network

Monaco is connected to Africa, the Middle East and Asia, thanks to the Europe India Gateway cable, which makes Monaco a crossroads for new economies and allows you to plan your international development without restraint.

A hyper-connected area

Monaco Telecom operates its own Internet and Mobile networks. This means that it can offer companies the best broadband coverage in the world (2010 Akamai study) as well as the latest innovations, such as: Fourth generation LTE-mobile, Internet connected TV and Cloud Computing.

One ambition: to serve you

Monaco Telecom is endeavouring to develop true partnerships with its clients. These partnerships provide you with the assurance of having a personalised service available to you throughout your projects. This service will also allow you to concentrate on your own development and performance. Just round the corner from the Monaco Welcome & Business Office, the sales team at Monaco Telecom will welcome you with a private meeting.

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