Junior Economic Chamber of Monaco

Last updated: 26/02/2023

The Junior Economic Chamber International Monaco (JCEM), created in 1963, has, since the same year (1963), been affiliated to the Junior Chamber International (JCI).

Principle and conditions

You must be between the ages of 18 and 40 and you must live and work in the Principality in order to join the JCI Monaco. Membership is only granted after a period of evaluation whose duration will vary depending on the motivation of the candidate.

The JCEM’s aims

The JCEM has two main aims:

  • To give young, talented people the desire to be pro-active and to assist them in the path towards participating in society
  • To develop ambitious projects, whose values include peace and humanity and which contribute to the progress and improvement of life in housing estates

The JCEM’s objectives

By connecting Monaco with the JCI’s great ideals, the JCEM outlined its national objectives:

  • To develop the business management skills of its members as well as their skills in practicing their chosen profession
  • To provide services to the community and to make an effort to contribute to the progress and development of the country
  • To study, most importantly, any issue which could have serious repercussions for young people and for the future of bodies and companies in which they are involved
  • To contribute to the reaffirmation of the prestige of the Principality of Monaco abroad
  • To maintain an atmosphere of friendship among its members and to promote understanding among nations

How to join the JCEM

You must express your interest in becoming a member at the JCEM’s secretariat.

You will be invited to one of the JCEM’s new members’ welcome meetings, which take place each month on the association’s premises. The Vice-President of Development will talk to you about the Junior Chamber movement and will explain how to join the association.

Administrative contact