COVID19 - Implementation of teleworking

Last updated: 23/02/2023

In accordance with the Ministerial Decision

the Ministerial Decision until 18 April inclusive, teleworking is obligatory as soon as it is practicable. This applies to both the public and private sectors.  Teleworking can only be undertaken with the agreement of the employee.

The aim is to limit, as far as possible, the movement of people and interpersonal contacts that encourage the spread of the virus.

When the nature of an employee's activity is compatible with home working and the employer can make available the technical and material means necessary for such work, the employer must, while there are measures in force to temporarily regulate movement, as implemented by the Minister of State with a view to combating the spread of the COVID-19 virus, allow the employee, subject to his or her agreement, to carry out his or her activity as home working during all or part of his or her working time.

The implementation of home working, including teleworking, must be notified to the Department of Employment by the employer, using the form drawn up by that Department.

The Insurer covering the risk of accidents at work and occupational disease must be notified by the employer.

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