Last updated: 02/03/2023


Teleworking is a way of organising work using information technologies as part of the contract of employment. In teleworking, work that could have been carried out on the employer's premises is partly undertaken outside these premises on a regular basis. 

This scheme has many advantages.

For employees, it offers more autonomy, more free time and less time spent commuting to and from work. The employee is therefore able to achieve a better life/work balance, thus improving his or her quality of life.

Moreover, this way of working makes it easier for people who find it difficult to travel to have access to employment.


It applies to all employees who are linked to their employer by a regular employment contract regulated by the

 and who reside in the Principality or a country that has signed a bilateral agreement allowing the teleworker to remain affiliated to the Principality's social security institutions.

Where teleworking may be undertaken

To date, teleworking can only be undertaken from France or the Principality:

  • From the employee's home
  • From a "third place": these are workplaces that are managed by a public or private economic operator and distinct from the employer; this could be a tele-centre or co-working centre.  These premises enable a teleworker to undertake their work outside their company's premises

Work undertaken in the employer's decentralised premises or premises made available to the staff by the employer is not considered teleworking.

The company must have no contact with the third place; subscriptions to the third place must be paid directly by the employee and will be reimbursed by the employer on presentation of a supporting document.    


This scheme is implemented on a voluntary basis within a company, with the agreement of the employee and the employer.  It can also form part of the employee's recruitment conditions.

Teleworkers are entitled to equal treatment and have the same collective rights, the same career opportunities and the same access to information and training as other employees of the company.

Teleworking must not exceed more than two-thirds of the employee's weekly working hours.

Go to the procedure "How to implement teleworking in your business"


You can contact the Department of Employment or the Labour Inspectorate for any information relating to teleworking.