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Last updated: 28/03/2024


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The Committee for Graduate Employment was established in February 2010 (see the Ministerial Decree n° 2010-77), under the Presidency of the Minister of State.

The Committee’s executive team operates under the authority of the Minister of Health and Social Affairs.

The aim of the Committee is to facilitate the integration into Monaco’s economy of Monegasque graduates or graduates who have links to the Principality.

Since 2010, the Committee for Graduate Employment has already helped 509 graduates (as at 31/12/2023), including 284 of Monegasque nationality, into jobs with companies in Monaco which are partnering with the Committee in this initiative or by the Civil Service.

Helping companies to hire staff

Companies which undertake to hire staff as part of this programme sign a ‘State/Company’ Protocol Agreement. As of 31/12/2023, there are 263 companies in Monaco partnering with the Committee for Graduate Employment.

In concrete terms, the company will have its employers’ social security contributions reimbursed for a maximum period of 2 years, as soon as the following cumulative conditions are fulfilled:

  • The young graduate has been put forward in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 4 of the Protocol Agreement: “The company undertakes to review all applications which are submitted to it by the State and to grant an interview to those candidates whose skills match the requirements of the post to be filled”
  • The hiring process complies with the legislation and regulations in force
  • The graduate is recruited on the basis of a fixed-term contract of at least two years, or a permanent contract 
  • There is no direct or collateral family relationship up to the fourth degree between the individual hired and the company’s management
  • The person hired is not intended to replace an employee who has been made redundant

The assistance granted is paid directly to the employer on a quarterly basis, as reimbursement for all employers’ contributions paid to social agencies.

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