Technical Commission for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

Last updated: 23/02/2023


  • Studying and proposing regulations relating to all aspects of health, safety, hygiene, public order and protecting the environment, including at work;  protecting people and property and monitoring how the relevant legislation is applied
  • The Technical Commission for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection intervenes with regard to building work, the fitting out, alterations to and the opening or operating of:
    • Buildings, establishments or premises for industrial, commercial, artisanal, professional, administrative, charitable or cultural use
    • Car parks
    • Warehouses containing dangerous materials
    • Premises that are open to the public or receive the public
    • Buildings used as dwellings that are over 50 metres in height
    • Equipment and procedures that could cause a nuisance or pollution, create risks for people, or produce rubbish or waste products that are unsuitable for processing in public treatment plants or are harmful to the environment
  • Stipulating how technical methods or measures should be applied
     These measures make it possible to:
    • Prevent, avoid, reduce and combat pollution and nuisance
    • Take action against problems with building work, the fitting out, alterations to and the opening and operating of premises mentioned above and generally with regard to all building sites
    • Plan for and facilitate access for people with reduced mobility
  • Ensure that special events, whether on a regular basis or not, such as shows, exhibitions, fairs and other public events, meet the basic requirements for health, safety and environmental protection
  • Check that dangerous materials are transported in the correct manner
  • As well as any task referred to it by the Ministry of External Relations concerning the Principality of Monaco's international commitments

Area of Action

The Commission advises on the following areas:

  • In the area of health and safety at work - on appeals against orders by the Labour Inspectorate
     In this respect, it is required to share its deliberations with two union representatives:  one employer's representative and one worker's representative.
  • In the area of health risks linked to housing referred by the Department of Health Affairs
  • In the area of natural and technological risks

However, the Technical Commission for Health, Safety and Environmental Protection may be given other tasks by the State if required.

How it Operates - Visits

The Commission meets periodically when convened by its President.

To carry out the tasks with which it is entrusted, the Commission undertakes periodical or unannounced on-site visits to relevant premises and facilities.  If necessary, it delegates this task to a sub-committee composed of at least two members.

After each visit, the sub-committee writes a report setting out recommendations for health and safety at work and food hygiene.

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