Certified copies

Last updated: 08/02/2024

Principle and conditions

You must be resident or carry out a business activity in the Principality in order to obtain a certified copy of a document. The document must be written in French or translated into French by a sworn translator.
 Only a document that cannot be reissued by the issuing organisation (e.g. baccalaureate diploma) can be certified as a true copy.

The fee for a certified copy is €5 in tax stamp.

Obtaining a certified copy

You must take the original document along with the copies to be certified to :

  • The Police Department: 

Division de Police Administrative - Section des Résidents
9 rue Suffren-Reymond


  • Or to the City Hall:

Mairie de Monaco - Service de l'État Civil
Place de la Mairie


  • Or at the reception of the Ministry of State:

Ministère d'État
Place de la Visitation

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