Export formalities

Last updated: 06/11/2023

The "International Procedures" Office of the Monaco Economic Board (MEB), issues and certifies various export documents for the Principality's firms, such as:

  • The certificate of origin, and various commercial and administrative documents (invoices, packing lists, certificates of free sale, supplier declarations, transport certificates, adoption documents, food product export certificates, etc) for permanent export
  • The ATA carnet, a customs document for the temporary duty and tax free export of goods, which is especially useful to canvas new markets, present products at trade fairs and exhibitions, and to export professional equipment on a temporary basis for a number of sporting and artistic events

The "International Procedures" Office helps the Principality's firms with information on exports and imports in general, export regulations, documents for dispatch, transport, and control of goods, visa fees, product naming, documents accompanying goods to third countries, foreign contacts in the Principality and abroad, the legislation in force, Incoterms, etc.

It also sells tax exemption booklets, EUR1, DAU, ATR forms and other transport documents.

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