State safety programme

Last updated: 03/03/2023

State safety programme (PSE)

The State Safety Programme is a process through which the State, in its regulatory capacity, aims at optimising and improving safety matters under its jurisdiction.

The Programme is an organised approach to safety management which encompasses organisational structures, responsibilities, policies and procedures as they are to be found in a safety management system.

The Programme mainly covers:

  • Sovereign powers relating to safety
  • Regulatory, monitoring, investigatory and analytical issues, sanctioning of certified operators, authorised organisations and personnel requiring a licence
  • Fostering the safety of civil aviation passengers


The state safety programme manual

The State Safety Programme Manual has the purpose of giving details of the organisation, responsibilities and resources put in place for the efficient operation of this programme.

It is intended for all organisations contributing to Civil Aviation Safety, whether they report directly to State departments (air traffic control of aircraft and at the heliport) or private operators (airlines and maintenance firms). All stakeholders are bound by the regulations to put in place a safety management system that complies with the state safety programme manual.

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