Digital Platforms and Resources Department


The Digital Platforms and Resources Department which is under the authority of the Minister of State, is responsible for:

  • Coordinating and implementing projects with a strong technology component (the cloud, data, internet of things, digital twins) 
  • Leading and implementing the Government’s data and internet of things strategies 
  • Contributing technological expertise to business departments working on platform and data projects 
  • Leading the restructuring of the Government’s information systems network 
  • Ensuring the management and operation of low power internal and wide-area networks and switched telephone networks 
  • Planning, allocating and managing all of the Principality of Monaco’s electronic communications resources (frequencies, numbering, .mc, satellite positions, etc.) 
  • Establishing rules and potential restrictions on the use of networks and electronic communications services in accordance with legislation and regulations and taking account of environmental and public health issues; certifying electronic communications equipment; playing an advisory role and offering suggestions on systems design and national security issues 
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with foreign departments and bodies that specialise in electronic communications, and with foreign public and private operators 
  • Drafting, publishing (by ministerial decree) and implementing rules on the allocation, registration, management and maintenance of the Principality of Monaco’s electronic communications resources with reference to Article 20 of Act No. 1.383 of 2 August 2011, as amended, noted above 
  • Managing digital concessions and activities, this involves:
    • Authorising and monitoring the activities of operators in the Principality of Monaco and, broadly speaking, handling all requests from public and private operators and consumers or consumer associations relating to the electronic communications sector 
    • Exercising the State’s rights of control and sanction in relation to the enforcement of contracts and specifications for concessions 
  • Promoting the growth of the electronic communications sector in the Principality of Monaco, including by supporting the international expansion of existing players and facilitating the establishment of new players in non-monopoly sectors, by taking the initiative and leading the development of specific innovation programmes 
  • Engaging in technology foresight on behalf of the Government


Within this Department, the Office for Outer Space Affairs is specifically responsible for:

  • Working with industry professionals and ensuring that the Principality of Monaco is represented within relevant international organisations, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
  • Taking part in studies of the various projects undertaken by these organisations
  • Working with the public and private sectors in Monaco to review the relevance of these projects from three different perspectives:
    • The construction of spacecraft for exploration or observation
    • The development of space-based electronic communications
    • The processing of data from such projects
  • Promoting the growth of the aerospace sector in the Principality of Monaco, including by facilitating the establishment of new players in the country
  • Ensuring communication between the Government and industry players based in Monaco using a "single window" model

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