Professional Independent Artist

Last updated: 19/02/2024


states that performers and people that fall within the scope of  who practice their activity in a continuous, habitual manner for profit with no relation to legal subordination are considered as professional independent artists (APIs).


In order to be recognised as a Professional Independent Artist (API), you need to contact the Department of Cultural Affairs.

A printed form is available from the Department of Cultural Affairs or it can be downloaded. See the procedure: "How to set up as a professional independent artist"

Applications are processed by the support commission for professional independent artists (Commission de soutien aux API).

If your application is accepted, you will receive a letter explaining the steps to take in order to obtain an official declaration of this status.

Once you have received the acceptance letter from the Commission, you must:

Grant for setting up

The State has set up a support initiative for first-time applicants for API status. 

See the procedure "How to request a grant for setting up as a professional independent artist"

Administrative contact