Horizon Europe Programme

Last updated: 27/03/2023


The "HORIZON EUROPE 2020-2027" programme allows Monegasque businesses to take part in collaborative calls for Research & Development proposals launched by the EU Commission.

Monaco is a third country that is not an EU Member State, but businesses in the Principality are still able to take part in most collaborative projects under a co-funding arrangement between Monaco and the EU Commission. Monegasque partners are funded directly by the Prince’s Government.

The Principality of Monaco has identified several themes of the European Union’s "Horizon Europe” framework research and innovation programmes. These programmes are considered to be in line with the research and innovation priorities of Monegasque entities

The themes include energy, bioeconomics, digital technology, and health, along with Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions. This list may be updated to reflect changes in the Horizon Europe preferred themes and the Principality’s own priorities.

To facilitate support and access for businesses to the Horizon Europe programme, the Government has established a National Contact Point (NCP)* as required by the European Union

The National Contact Point’s role is to:

  • Inform and raise awareness of Monegasque entities about calls for proposals and project funding opportunities
  • Assist, advise, and train Monegasque entities in how the programme works, including the various procedures, rules and issues involved
  • Signpost and direct entities towards alternative sources of funding (European and national)
  • Help entities to find “winning” consortiums and identify partners

*NCP contact details:

Monsieur Bruno NABETH
Point de Contact National
(National Contact Point)
Direction de l’Expansion Economique
9, rue du Gabian
98000 Monaco


+33 (0)0787095373

How to take advantage of the Horizon Europe programme?

A company wishing to respond to a Horizon Europe call for proposals, and which meets the eligibility conditions, may apply for Government funding of up to 50% of the eligible base.

A company seeking funding under this arrangement must be a partner of a collaborative R&D proposal, i.e. one that involves at least three partners.

Any Monegasque company that wants to submit an application under the Horizon Europe programme must request a preliminary meeting with the Business Development Agency in order to confirm their eligibility.

Once eligibility has been confirmed, the pre-approval process for the R&D proposal consists of three stages:

  1. The short proposal is submitted to the Business Development Agency  
  2. The proposal is reviewed by the Business Development Agency
  3. The Business Development Agency gives its agreement in principle to fund the Monegasque entity

Once the Monegasque Government has pre-approved the proposal, it can enter the EU Commission’s qualification process.

You can then visit the following EU Commission website to see calls for proposals and potential partners: ec.europa.eu/info/funding-tenders/opportunities/portal/screen/opportunities/topic

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