Business Development Agency


The Business Development Agency is responsible for:

  • Review and administrative tracking of applications to start or make changes to a business 
  • Maintenance of the Trade and Industry Registry, the Special Register of Non-trading Companies, the Register of Beneficial Owners, the Register of Trusts and the Special Registers of Industrial Property Rights 
  • Monitoring of legal cases relevant to its remit as well as proposals to update current legislation and regulations and, where necessary, drafting of new texts 
  • Control and compliance of business activities 
  • Preparation, introduction and monitoring of business financing and support mechanisms 
  • Issue of industrial property rights 
  • Issue of qualified electronic signature and stamp certificates as a supplier of trusted services under current Monegasque regulations in this area 
  • Collection of fees relating to its activities 
  • Business intelligence 
  • Other tasks which may be entrusted to the Agency by the government through legislation or regulations

Within the Agency, the Monaco Business Office is specifically responsible for:

  • Providing welcome and support services to people starting a business 
  • Providing information and guidance to people who are planning to or who are in the process of moving to the Principality for business purposes, by making available to them the tools and information they need to facilitate their plans and offer them quick access to the relevant public and private organisations 
  • Establishing, maintaining and optimising ongoing contact and relationships with all businesses and economic partners able to help businesses set up in Monaco 
  • Creating and populating useful information and communication tools 
  • Promoting business services to various networks in Monaco and abroad 
  • Acting as a special point of contact for traders in the Principality, coordinating the Trade Group and establishing personalised interactions with those involved in this sector 
  • Acting as a special point of contact for industrial companies and the industrial service sector by maintaining a personal dialogue with business leaders

Organisation and operation

The Business Development Agency is organised around several expert teams, as follows:

It includes:

  • The Business Start-up Division
  • The Business Development and Financing Division
  • The Trade and Industry Promotion Division

It includes:

  • The Business Monitoring Division
  • The Legal Monitoring and Review Division
  • The Trade and Industry Registry section
  • The Electronic Signatures and Stamps section

It includes the Industrial Property Division.



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Administrative contact

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