Business Development Agency


The duties of the Department are:

  • The examination  and the administrative support of applications for the creation of new businesses and the amendments to existing businesses
  • Keep the Trade and Industry Register
  • Deal with Court cases under its area of responsibility and proposals to update legislative and regulatory provisions in force, and, if appropriate, draft new legislation
  • Monitor business activity
  • Examine applications, grant and monitor financial aid packages for businesses
  • Issue industrial property rights certificates and perform the relevant registrations in national records

The Authority is also entrusted with:

  • Creating, maintaining and optimising permanent contacts and relationships with all professional and business partners
  • Participating in prospection or economic development organised by the competent bodies

Within this Agency, Monaco Welcome and Business Office is specifically responsible for developing a high quality one-stop-shop and personalised support for entrepreneurs

Organisation and operation

The Business Development Agency is organised around a unit and two functional centers of expertise, as follows:

It includes the Business Development and Funding Division.

It includes:

  • The Business Start-up Division
  • The Business Monitoring Division
  • The Legal Services Division
  • The Trade and Industry Register Section
  • The Intellectual Property Section
  • The Business Development and Funding Division

It includes the Intellectual Property Division.



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