Last updated: 05/06/2023


An apprenticeship (also commonly referred to as a sandwich course) consists of alternating between in-company training and theoretical training in order to obtain a State-recognised qualification. Its duration must therefore be the same as the time required to study for the qualification.

The initiative is now a resounding success. It has several advantages:

  • For the firm, it means that a young person can be trained, initiated in working methods and company culture, their progress assessed, and perhaps later be recruited under a contract of employment
  • For the young person, it enables them to both have theoretical training by attending a training centre, and practical training in the company. In this way they acquire some professional experience - which is essential when they will later look for work - and at the same time study for a qualification, and be paid on the basis of a percentage of the minimum wage which varies according to their age and the duration of the apprenticeship

Many apprenticeships lead to employment, since the young person already knows the firm, its products or clients and has already proved his/her worth.

Type of employee

Apprenticeships and training/work-experience contracts are for young people from 16 to 26 years old, whatever their level of studies, wishing to continue their training (from CAP to postgraduate level) whilst benefiting from professional experience.


The firm must pay the apprentice using the scale in force, which varies according to the apprentice's age and level of training: See 

The firm must pay the apprentice's training fees.

Assistance offered by the Employment Office

Finding candidates

You can contact the Youth Employment Unit that will help you look for and select candidates that meet your needs.

Financial subsidies

The Employment Office, as part of the application of

, offers financial subsidies for young Monegasques and denizens:

  • Refund of training fees up to 100 % for apprentices of Monegasque nationality, spouses of Monegasques, children of Monegasques or those domiciled in Monaco having attended school in the Principality for at least three years in secondary education
  • Refund of training fees up to 50 % for apprentices domiciled in neighbouring "communes" that have attended school in the Principality for at least three years in secondary education
  • Refund of employers' contributions when the apprentice is taken on a permanent basis, for two years under a permanent contract of employment or a fixed-term contract of two years and if the apprentice is domiciled in Monaco or the neighbouring "communes"

You can find complete information about sandwich course contracts by downloading the brochure opposite: 

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