Last updated: 24/02/2023


Internship is practical training forming part of studies. It enables theoretical knowledge to be put into practice whilst acquiring real professional experience.

Many training courses now include internships in their programs. Choosing the right training course is essential for students - especially since if the internship is carried out at the end of studies, it can lead to a first job.

In accordance with the Circular

, the Employment Office must be notified when a company is hosting an intern: please consult the procedure Hosting an intern 

You may contact the Youth Employment Unit for help with finding candidates, based on your requirements and the intern’s duties.

The Unit will identify CVs likely to be of interest to you, and send them to you.

How an internship works

The internship must be part of a programme of technical, professional, or academic study for a qualification or diploma recognised by the relevant authority in the country in which it is issued.

An internship agreement must be signed.

For the duration of the internship, the intern continues to be officially treated as a student, in accordance with Circular no. 07.03 of 26 February 2007 pertaining to internships in companies, published in the Journal de Monaco dated 16 March 2007

The firm must not make any direct profit from the trainee's presence and must offer them work experience forming part of the training programme defined by the teaching institution

How much does an intern cost?

No remuneration is required. However, a small bonus or premium may be paid by the employer if it remains within the limitations established by the Monegasque social security organisations.

For internships that do not satisfy these conditions, trainees are considered to be salaried workers, the host company is subject to the regulations for recruiting salaried workers: see the procedure: "How to recruit staff".

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