NIS Registry

Last updated: 24/03/2023


The Statistical Identification Number (NIS) is a unique identifier allocated by the Monegasque Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Monaco Statistics) when a business is established. The NIS is the new appellation of the DSEE number or VAT code which was allocated by the Statistics Department of the Business Development Agency.

The NIS is composed of two parts: an NAF code (French Classification of Activities, Revision 2, 2008), and a unique sequential number. The NAF code is an alphanumeric code assigned by Monaco Statistics  to each economic entity: natural person, company or association to indicate its main business activity.

The allocation by Monaco Statistics, for statistical purposes, of a code which characterises the main activity with reference to the French classification of economic activities is not sufficient to create rights or obligations in favour or against the concerned entities. It is the object of the company which determines the lawful activity. The NAF code is only a statistical industry classification.

Economic actors affected by the NIS

The following types of activity require an NIS:

  • Licensed professionals
  • Groups, associations, federations and foundations
  • Promoters of artistic activities
  • Grantors of operating licences for trademarks registered in Monegasque territory
  • The following real estate activities:
    • Rental of enclosed storage areas/parking spaces for vehicles or vacant commercial, industrial or administrative premises
    • Properties in shared ownership
    • Managing private property of a legal body governed by public law
    • A mandate for managing a building
  • SAM, SARL, SCS, SNC, Natural Persons (PP)
  • Craftsperson (AR), Administrative Offices (BA), PR (Professional activity)
  • AC (Sales Agent)

Registration in the NIS Register

Once your business is registered with the Business Development Agency, you must register with Monaco Statistics.

This registration will be requested for your procedures with other Administrative services and public bodies (Department of Tax Services, Department of Employment, Monaco Social Funds) and also for :

  • Obtaining a telephone line from Monaco Telecom 
  • Subscribing an electricity contract from SMEG 
  • Open a bank account from a financial institution 
  • Withdrawing your recommended Post folds

See the procedure: How to obtain a Statistical Identification Number (NIS) from Monaco Statistics

Amending the NIS Register

If you want to change the NAF code of your activity, considering that it does not (or no longer) relate to its main activity, you can contact Monaco Statistics specifying your company’s name, your RCI registration number and the concerned establishment or your NIS.

Removing a business from the NIS Register

Economic actors must contact the Business Development Agency to have their business removed. This will result in removal of the NIS by Monaco Statistics.

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