Monaco Cyber Security Agency


The Monaco Cyber Security Agency is the national authority responsible for the security of information systems.
It is an information security and cyber-attack expertise and response centre, and has the following remit :

  • To prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks, including by providing advice and introducing regulations, detection systems, alert systems and an incident response capability
  • To lead and coordinate the response to crisis situations caused by cyber attacks
  • To evaluate and certify the security of information technology products and systems
  • To evaluate providers of certification and electronic signature services
  • To represent the Principality within international cyber security bodies and in dealings with other cyber-attack expertise and response centres
  • To raise awareness and encourage public services and critical infrastructure operators to pay attention to cyber security requirements
  • To monitor the level of security deployed by critical infrastructure operators, with the collaboration of the Department of Electronic Communications as regards electronic communications network operators or suppliers of telecommunications and Internet access services

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