Department of Health Affairs


The Department of Health Affairs is responsible for all health-related activities, including:

  • The prevention of and screening for diseases, and health monitoring 
  • Carrying out technical inspections that require the involvement of medical inspectors, pharmaceutical inspectors or veterinary inspectors 
  • Contributing to the development and implementation of emergency plans and the management of health crises 
  • Contributing to the development of public health policy 
  • Planning healthcare provision to suit the needs of the population 
  • Contributing to the development of draft legislative and reglementary texts in the fields of health and veterinary medicine 
  • Carrying out the necessary checks and investigations prior to the issuing of approval and authorisations, at the request of either the competent administrative or judicial authorities 
  • Ensuring the implementation of legislation and regulations and monitoring international agreements in the fields of health and veterinary medicine 
  • Giving an opinion on all issues within its area of competence pursuant to the regulatory provisions of the Princess Grace Hospital Centre 
  • Providing administrative, technical and financial monitoring of the Day Therapy Activities Centre, the Medical Psychology Centre, the Psychiatry and Medical Psychology Unit, the Monaco Gerontology Coordination Centre, the Centre Speranza-Albert II, the The Monaco Health Screening Centre and the Centre for Prenatal Coordination and Family Support 
  • Undertaking any other activities as necessary with regard to public hygiene and preventative health


The Department of Health Affairs is comprised of the following five departments:

  • Health Department
  • Health Products Department
  • Hygiene and Food Safety Office
  • School Medical Inspections
  • Medical inspections for sportspeople at the Sports Medicine Centre

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