Department of Employment


The Department of Employment includes the Employment Office and the Labour Inspectorate.
It deals with:

  • Studying and drafting legislation and regulations on labour law
  • Implementation of labour legislation and regulations, and informing employers and employees of implementing measures
  • Monitoring the implementation of international labour legislation conventions
  • Inspection of all industrial and commercial establishments and workshops as regards the implementation of legal and regulatory provisions on working conditions and workers' protection in the areas of health and safety at work
  • Consultations and collective bargaining between social partners

Organisation and operation

Its duties involve:

  • Information, guidance and placement of job seekers, giving them personalised assistance and support
  • Recording job offers communicated by employers, and, according to their content, allocating priority candidates held on the Office's lists
  • Verification of compliance with Act n° 629 of 17th July 1957 regulating the conditions for recruitment and dismissal in the Principality
  • Recording applications for authorization to hire staff, registrations and issuing work permits
  • Statistical and analytical surveys of the labour market and future trends
  • Managing the employment benefit scheme

In addition, in 1999, the Department of Employment and the Employment Office set up, according to the wishes of the Prince's Government, a Youth Employment Unit, and in 2010 created a new unit in charge of Monegasques and denizens.

Its role is to:

  • Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and contractual provisions relating to labour law, as well as health and safety at work, and to inform employers and employees
  • Prevent, mediate and arbitrate individual or group labour disputes
  • Contribute to preventing work-related accidents
  • Chair many Commissions on various topics: the grading employees, the dismissal of protected employees such as staff representatives or union representatives, pregnant women or women on maternity leave, the redeployment of employees who are unable to perform certain duties, etc
  • Draw up an annual report on risk management concerning work-related accidents and occupational diseases


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